Become the person who has the life you want using Feeling Forwards!
In this remarkable book, Feeling Forwards, International author, Elizabeth, reveals how the secrets of quantum science can be used to harness the incredible power of your emotions to overcome any obstacle. Farewell your negative habits, release painful beliefs and tune into the power of your infinite potential.  

Elizabeth’s writing showcases her incredible understanding of the human spirit through decades of interviewing and coaching successful entrepreneurs, reviewing the original research in hundreds of scientific experiments and combining this knowledge with her own real-life stories of thriving through several life-threatening events and dramatic personal upheavals.  

Illuminating and adventurous, refreshing and real, Feeling Forwards is the ultimate guide to help you create the life you want to live instead of being stuck in a life you are not enjoying, unable to reach your full potential. 
Feeling Forwards teaches you how to become the person who has the life you want… today.

As Elizabeth reveals, “Today is the past of your future.”

Feeling Forwards

A heartwarming and uplifting book which gives us an insight into the secret world of happy children. It is unique in that it is not based on an adult analysis of children with difficulties but on personal and in-depth interviews that tell us in the children's own words how they feel about themselves and the world.

Happy Children
Secrets of How They Think

So you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with cancer. It's terrifying. What is going to happen? What can you do to survive? In this ground-breaking book, Elizabeth Gould details her own story as well as the stories of five cancer survivors.

Secrets of Cancer Survivors