Age proof your brain with lifestyle medicine.

Dr Laureen Lawlor-Smith has been a medical practitioner since 1982. She has owned and managed her own General Practices in Adelaide’s southern suburbs for much of her career. She is passionate about helping people change their lives and improve their health through lifestyle medicine.
Laureen has been using a low carbohydrate/ketogenic approach for years and has experienced both personally and professionally the dramatic health transformation this dietary change can produce.
In this wide ranging interview, we discussed;
• The myth of eating less and exercising more as the route to great health. (2:16)
• The ideal fuel for our brain and the three things high carb foods are doing to our health. (5:08)
• The role of carbohydrates in creating chronic illness. (10:00)
• The role that diet plays in ageing our brain. (12:31)
• The natural fat/carbohydrate balance in babies. (16:31)
• What Is insulin resistance and why is it critically important to health? (18:18)
• How insulin affects your hormones and leads to weight gain, particularly in menopause. (20:29)
• How fasting is a very individual decision and not for everyone. (25:29)
• The new ‘concept of fat’ fasting for health. (28:03)
And so much more!

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