Building a brand? How to balance credibility with likeability and more!

How do you reinvent yourself when your world is collapsing?

Amy Scruggs is a gracious survivor who has rebuilt her life through music and business. Amy uses her twenty years as a Media Executive, TV host, Recording Artist, Public Speaker, Corporate Spokesperson, and Business Professional, to help others present and communicate – whether its being interviewed by a major news or entertainment outlet, filming a corporate video, ZOOM call, podcast, social media marketing or in person public speaking appearance.
Amy’s career also includes more than 20 years in sales team coaching and received a “Bestseller” with her book “Lights Camera Action” in the fall of 2021. The past 5 years she has enjoyed her position as the Host for the show “The American Dream” on CNBC as well as being the former Producer & Host of “Veterans One” and “The Retiring Right” TV shows.

In this episode Amy reveals
• How she turned her life around after she lost her corporate career and started singing and touring with 4 children in tow
• How quickly you can practice and then build a charismatic on camera presence
• The incredible importance of your ‘resting’ face
• The delicate balance between likeability and credibility in social media
And SO much more.

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