Interview with Daniel Sih – author and co-founder of spacemakers.

Daniel Sih has a broad professional history, includes leadership roles in physiotherapy, health management, project management and Christian ministry. But in this episode as talk about his book, and his role as co-founder of Spacemakers®, a productivity consulting group for busy leaders.

Daniel’s book “Spacemaker – How to unplug, unwind and think clearly in the Digital Age”, won the Australian Business Book Award in 2021 for personal development, and was a finalist for best technology book and best cover design. As a trainer, coach and keynote speaker, Daniel has worked with CEO’s, executives, and senior professionals in the areas of productivity and digital wellness training with more than 20,000 students.

Daniel’s message and strategies about creating personal and mental space was incredibly insightful. In this interview we discussed:

  • Practical strategies to counteract digital overload from a family and work perspective;
  • What are the activities that make us intrinsically human and what is the balance with the digital world?
  • What are the reasons we gravitate towards digital devices and how to see the signs of overuse.
  • The tipping point between digital tools and overload: and
    So much more!
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