Interview with Mariam Nusrat – entrepreneur, founder & CEO of GRID.

Mariam Nusrat had 12 years of experience as a Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank working across 22 different countries before she changed tangent and launched her entrepreneurial career. Mariam is the Founder of GRID – Gaming Revolution for International Development, a tech start-up that has built, a platform that creates purposeful web3 video games with no-code & lightning speed. To date has experienced massive organic growth: 16k+ users from 84 counties, including 2k game makers who have created 5k+ video games made on the platform. Mariam is on the Forbes Next 1000 List and a recipient of the Clinton Global Initiative University Honor Roll Alumni Award. Most recently Mariam was the winner of the latest Season of the Amazon Prime and Apple TV show Two Minute Drill hosted by the fabulous David Meltzer.

In this interview there is so much wisdom for entrepreneurs plus such an engaging story about the road to success including:

  • Why Mariam is so passionate about the role video games can play in positive change and awareness;
  • How Mariam approached creating Breshna without using ‘stealth’ to work on her idea:
  • Why execution is the most important part of the entrepreneur’s journey, not the initial concept;
  • How Paris Hilton is now connected with Breshna;
  • The 3 ‘P’s’ that Mariam lives by – Passion, Perseverance and Purpose:
    AND so much more. I can’t wait for you to be inspired by Mariam as much as I was!

Breshna demo video:

Breshnaverse virtual carnival:

Two minutes drill pitch: