Interview with Mike Diamond – Author, Television Personality & Life Coach.

Mike Diamond is an Author, Television Personality, Director, Life Coach and Interventionist. Known for his work on the hit TV shows ‘NY Ink’ and ‘Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew’, nominated for Awards for Best Reality Series. Mike has also recently appeared as co host in the Amazon Prime/Bloomberg TV production of ‘Office Hours’ hosted and produced by David Meltzer. Mike has also written, “7 Steps to an unbreakable Mindset“ and his new book “Dose of Positivity” will be out soon.
In this wide ranging interview and fascinating interview,

Mike revealed:

  • The one emotion that transformed hims lifestyle from decades of addiction, overnight;
  • How Mike follows his instinct in making decisions, even when it appears sometimes his instinct is leading him away from his goal;
  • Mike’s daily routine and how he ensures he always feeds his mind;
  • The point at which most people give up just before they have achieved true excellence;

And so much more!

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