Interview with Neo Positivity.

This is a podcast episode about a topic dear to my heart and I am delighted to welcome my guest, Neo. From being born and raised in the poorest and most dangerous city in America to early retirement. Neo knows firsthand how to alter your life’s current trajectory and you daily mindset. Neo learned about the law of attraction in March of 2008, became obsessed with this knowledge and retired from his police department job just eight months later.

Over the past 13 years, he’s interviewed hundreds of Law of Attraction specialists and cataloged their greatest techniques. This obsession led to the creation of “Neo Positivity’s Thoughts Become Things Summit.”
And from 40+ hours a week to retirement at the age of 28, Neo is a father, an avid pilot, a professional speaker, and the Voice of the Thoughts Become Things Movement.

In this fascinating interview about how to create the life you want, we discuss:

  • What inspired Neo to walk away from his job and ‘retire’ from a traditional career;
  • The daily disciplines, habits and tools it takes to manifest the life you want;
  • How not to use affirmations and the technique to 10x their effectiveness;
  • Easy techniques to notice and prevent negative thoughts dominating your day
  • The incredible flowerpot story;
    And SO much more.

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