Interview with Thomas ‘TJ’ Colaeizzi.

I’m so excited to speak with Thomas ‘TJ’ Colaeizzi, who spent nearly two decades as a high level executive in the fitness industry. And during that time, he realized social media was too important to overlook during the hiring process, and was frustrated when he could not find a compliance solution that got users consent and protected both employees and employers in the process. Understanding the risks of engaging in non compliance social media checks, TJ sought to create a solution on his own through LifeBrand. using artificial intelligence. LifeBrand’s life brands technology provides compliant social media screening with the user’s consent and can also perform social media health checks to deter and delete potentially harmful posts. I met TJ when we were co hosting an episode of ‘Office Hours’ with David Meltzer for Amazon and Apple TV and I loved his warmth, his passion for his business and his desire to help people overcome social media problems.

This interview provided so much wisdom on what an entrepreneur’s journey is really like including:

  • How early in life TJ’s entrepreneurial ideas started:
  • Why he chose to start LifeBrand even though his second child was being born in three weeks and there was all the chaos of a young family.
  • How TJ managed and utilized friends and family funding in the initial stages;
  • How TJ created openly and didn’t worry about his idea being copied.
  • The unexpected breakthrough that made all the difference;
    And so much more!