Interview with Tom Cronin

Tom Cronin is a renowned speaker and corporate meditation and mindfulness trainer recognized around the world and known as the king of calm. He is recognized for his inspiring, empowering and humorous presentations on leadership, stress management, mindfulness and empowerment. But he started out spending 26 years as a broker trading swaps and also suffered from insomnia, anxiety, burnout, you name it before he discovered meditation. Tom now holds classes and programs with hundreds of companies including Amazon, Coca Cola, UBS, Nova FM, cuantas, Fairfax Media, just to name a few, and it’s in demand as a speaker, corporate mediation and mindfulness trainer.

What is the importance of a Game B world?

In this interview Tom revealed

  • The chaotic personal journey that led Tom to transform his life and then create a world renown career in teaching and coaching.
  • The incredible difference between mainstream meditation (calming the mind) and transcendental meditation (TM).
  • How going into a state of TM can create a metabolic state 4x deeper than REM sleep.
  • Practical advice for how busy entrepreneurs can squeeze meditation into their day.
  • What is the importance of a Game B world?

And SO much more.

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