Interview with Wil Slickers – Innovative Entrepreneur.

Wil Slickers is a stand out example of an entrepreneur that has taken a traditional industry, given it a fresh twist and created a business that delights customers and creates new standards of excellence. Since 2018, Wil has hosted the Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast and through his super-successful Pacific Northwest rentals company Recreation Rentals, Wil has a track record of understanding how hosts and property managers use tools such as smart technology to revolutionise their operations and continually improve guest stays.

Now Wil has also created Hospitality.FM, a podcast network dedicated to bringing the best hospitality-focused podcasts to those in and around the industry. From Food & Beverage, Guest Experience, Diversity & Inclusion, Tech, Operations, Hotels, Vacation Rentals, and so much more, Hospitality.FM is passionate about giving the industry a prominent and louder voice to reach more listeners by “Going All In On Audio.”

In this interview full of wisdom in business and entrepreneurship, Wil reveals:

  • How constantly asking questions in all Wil’s roles lead to a unique business idea;
  • The important shift from a consumer to a producer mindset;
  • Exactly how to assess what tech you do and don’t need in your business;
  • How to wake up one day as the entrepreneur that you want to be;
  • How being generous to your competitors can lead to new business opportunities;
  • And so much more!