Making Personal Changes that stick – Charlie Hedges interview with Elizabeth Gould.

I am so excited to revisit my chat with dear friend Charlie Hedges on his podcast ‘The Next Chapter with Charlie’.

Charlie has had amazing experience as an executive coach to VPs and CEOs of large corporations with over portfolios of $1 Billion in assets, including The Walt Disney Company and American Business Bank.

Charlie has travelled the world as an external trainer for Chevron Corporation, providing first-class strategic planning advice and executive coaching services.

He is also an accomplished author, with 6 successful books published and many workbook series to date.

Now, Charlie is taking on The Next Chapter of his life with a goal to share his experiences withhis audience on his podcast.

In this powerful conversation, we discussed:

  • If you feel good about yourself, you’re going to make good decisions and creating lasting change from a positive position (3:00);
  • The importance of having a good morning routine that moves you forward (9:32);
  • The use of feelings in a thinking-oriented world, and how this helped Elizabeth write her bestselling book, ‘Secrets of Cancer Survivors’ (22:20);
  • How to make life changes that stick and how to overcome the ‘flobby imagination’ that may deter us from achieving these changes (30:16)
  • The three questions you should be asking yourself daily to create the future you want (39:14);
  • The importance of kindness in creating a world you want to live in (43:54);
  • The life you have is determined by the behaviours that you show and a useful analogy that demonstrates this (51:23);
  • And SO much more!

You can learn more about and connect with Charlie at: