Meet the ‘KPI guy’ – Jeff Smith.

My guest today is on record as “the most successful author in history” on the subject of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and business management. He’s affectionately known as ‘The KPI Guy’ because he’s written 7 international #1 best-selling books, he’s a motivational speaker, global business trainer and over his 35 years in business he’s spoken inmore than 76 countries and his work has touched the lives of millions of people all over the world.

Jeff is trusted by Royalty, consulted by government ministers and he’s worked with many of the top executives in top fortune 100 companies. Jeff has also been acclaimed with many awards including the winner of “The Business School Of The Year 2021/2022”, “The Most Influential Business Educator 2021/2022, and recently “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his contribution to world business.

In this interview Jeff reveals,

  • The secret process to writing a best selling book which happens before you’ve written a single word.
  • How most business executives use KPI’s incorrectly and miss out on achieving the best result.
  • The importance of having. Mentor so you don’t climb a ladder of success that’s leaning against the wrong wall.
  • The success secrets Jeff learned from interviewing 325 high achievers and how that impacted his life.
  • A taste of Jeff’s upcoming book, ‘The 11 secrets of success’, and reveals 97% of us skip the first one!
    And so much more!