Muscle Recovery, Mental Healing and the Future of Plastic?

Dr. Emeka Aludogbu is is a Nigerian-born doctor of chiropractic and sports medicine a serial entrepreneur, Co-owner and VP of Business Development for Terramer Inc, and CEO of Enovate SportsMed.
Emeka is a multi-faceted high achiever with his background in business focusing on ridding the world of toxic plastic containers and providing a biodegradable and sustainable through turning hemp into plastic. This business success follows on from working with national sports and Olympics teams as a head sports doctor, including the Nigerian National Women’s Basketball team at the 2020 Olympics and more, as well as being involved with professional athletic teams including the NFL Eagles, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys, and Great Britain’s Olympic track and field team. Dr. Emeka is an authority on recovery, treating patients with injury uniting body, mind and soul, with the psychology of muscle wellness.

In this interview, Dr Emeka shares;
• How tearing his Achilles heel playing college sports shaped his decision to become a chiropractor (4.15)
• How previous experience with adversity is an advantage for injured athletes (20.22)
• The way that habit and routine can rewire your belief systems about success. (27.30)
• The intersection between sports and entrepreneurship with regard to recovery (28.40)
• The amount of plastic you are absorbing into your body every month by using plastic in the microwave alone. (38.50)

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