The Perils of Selfless Syndrome With Dr Alexandra Swenson-Ridley.

Dr. Alexandra Swenson-Ridley is a thought leader in ‘outside the box’ and natural approaches to women’s health and hormones, focusing on what she has termed Selfless Syndrome. After suffering her own health challenges that resulted from focusing on everyone and everything but herself, her work turned towards helping other driven women navigate the world of fatigue, thyroid issues, anxiety and depression, difficulty losing weight, gut health and more without the use of medications. She is the founder of Emergent Women Coaching & Health Consulting, the host of the podcast Emerge-The Health Podcast for Busy High Performing Women, the creator of the Emergent Women Method and Chrysalis Health Consulting Program and a PhD candidate in Integrative Medicine through Quantum University.

In this intimate and inspiring conversation, we discussed:
• The reason behind Dr Alexandra’s career pivot to women’s health coaching and integrative health coaching, and the one thing that made her realise she needed to make a change in her professional career (2:24);
• Dr Alexandra’s journey to recognising that there were serious health issues amongst high-achieving women that traditional medicine was failing to address (6:39);
• The five archetypes of self-less syndrome and the implications this has for high achievers (9:03);
• The commonalities between women who have selfless syndrome and those who do not, and the tools Dr Alexandra has learnt to overcome self-less syndrome (16:35);
• The value in building a sustainable morning and night-time routines and how to do this without burning yourself out (20:12).

And so much more !

You can learn more about and connect with Dr. Alexandra Swenson-Ridley at:
Instagram: @emergentwomencoaching
Facebook: Alexandra Swenson-Ridley