What happens when you blend business, vulnerability and the Karate Kid?

Michael Chu has studied and competed in martial arts for over 30 years trains in karate jujitsu and Muay Thai, and he’s won 14 National Championship medals. His signature online program for health and fitness professionals revolutionizes the lives of thousands of students worldwide with his ground-breaking LTV method.

When he’s not preparing to compete in his mixed martial arts championship. Michael is leading his health and wellness Academy and Champion Development Inc. teams to new levels of business success with the key focus on creating scalable and connected client relationships that lasts for years, not months.

In this episode we share
• How ‘sucking’ at sales gave Michael the drive to build several 7 figure businesses. ‘
• The lessons of humility, vulnerability and integrity from his martial arts background that translates to so well to business,
• How the greatest leadership breakthroughs can occur through vulnerability rather than trying to have all the answers.
• The long lasting emotional impact above business success when you build strong customer relationships.
• The impact of the movie ‘The Karate Kid’ on Michael and his family;

And so much more!

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