Are YOU the roadblock?

Miriam Gunn has fostered growth in others since 1985 as a mentor, a licensed therapist, and a certified coach.
Currently, she is passionate about helping businesses and high performers reach their next level, so they then can add their influence to this amazing world we share.

Miriam is unique in that she approaches business coaching from the vantage point that the issue with your business growth might be YOU. She comes at this from a therapy angle – how can she help you recognize the ways you are self-sabotaging and how can she help you overcome this, so that you can reach your next level? She is passionate about sustainability and wants to see successful people adding their energies and resources toward helping our planet and its people.

In the podcast we talk about;
• Thinking about the definition of success, how has that changed since the pandemic? (1:57)
• Is there an emotional contrast between men and women regarding how they approach business challenges? (4:38)
• How does therapy reflect the balance between business and personal life? (6:58)
• What are the boundaries that need to be put in place when advising intergenerational business families. (9:54)
• Sharing tools for dealing with extreme financial and emotional stress. (14:40)
• Structuring conversations with entrepreneurs about managing their teams. (17:23)
• Tools for getting unstuck with a life or business. (19:48)
• How to help a client transition into a new life. (24:58)
And so much more!

You can reach Miriam at