Letting go of failure to ensure success.

This week’s podcast is very personal and I want to address the elephant in the room for so many of us, the elephant called ‘Failure.’

Do we need to feel we have failed/?
Do we need to go back and reflect on the one, two times or more that we think we ‘failed’?
I say a big, fat, NO to failure.

In this episode I share;

• My childhood story about meeting the reality of high performance and trying to make some pocket money. (1:38)
• How I redefined what failure meant in my early years. (3:51)
• Setting a clear boundary around what I considered was failure, and what was something that just hadn’t quite worked out. (5:49)
• The incredible moment I let that sense of failure go and replaced it with joy and gratitude. (7:33)
• The golden rule of being somewhere new to have an incredible breakthrough. (8:55)

And SO much more!