Bullying and brain damage – How to heal

Dr Jennifer Fraser is an award-winning educator, author, and presenter. Her latest book, ‘The Bullied Brain: Heal Your Scars and Restore your Health’ shines a spotlight on the physical harm done to brains by all forms of bullying and abuse, the evidence on brain scans, and the strategies and techniques to recover optimum brain health.

Jennifer has a PhD in Comparative Literature from University of Toronto where she was trained to take different discourses out of their silos, put them into an arena and see if that changed the conversation. Putting bullying and neuroscience into the arena produces empowering insights into how we can all better care for our brain health and thereby attain happier, healthier, and more high-performing lives.

In this episode of the Feeling Forwards Podcast, we discuss

• How Jennifer’s early interest in literature and then her PHD exploring pedagogy in writing between the World Wars led her into the world of neuroscience and human behaviour(2:41)
• How this work led Jennifer to look at how bullying can cause physical damage to the brain. (7:23)
• How physical damage is manifested in the brain compared with the body. (12:24)
• Is there a tipping point in the brain when verbal or emotional abuse will cause brain damage? (17:55)
• How to communicate effectively as a parent, leader and educator to understand when bullying may be causing damage. (23:35)
• The essence of Jennifer’s ground-breaking work in her acclaimed book, ‘The Bullied Brain’ and key takeaways from her next book, ‘The Gaslit Brain’.
• (29:29)

And so much more!

Learn more and connect with Jennifer and her work at

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