Protecting women in sport with Boob Armour

Suzie Betts is an entrepreneur known for her remarkable journey as the founder of Boob Armour. A life-changing moment occurred in her late 40s when she experienced a sports-related breast trauma. This pivotal event, combined with her two active daughters, ignited her determination to ensure that no young female athlete would endure a similar fate. Her mission to safeguard breast health and introduce a ground-breaking market for breast protection led to the creation of Boob Armour.

Designed by women for women, Boob Armour emerged as an innovative solution meticulously crafted to provide confidence not only in sports but also in various industries where breast protection is paramount. From trades and mining to frontline work and defence and military roles, countless women have been exposed to potential risks without the protective measures they deserve. Boob Armour’s breast encapsulation impact-absorbing inserts effectively shield against immediate and long-term breast trauma, reflecting Suzie’s unwavering commitment to promoting breast health and safety across different spheres of life.

In this interview we explore;

The beginning of Suzie’s entrepreneurial journey resulting from a health scare (1:23)
What medical research had been done on breast trauma? (3.43)
The challenge of a start up with a radical new product. (9:59)
The latest feedback from athletes as well from fontline workers such as police and health professionals. (15:07)
How Boob Armour helps keep girls in sport for longer. (15.30)
How AI helps get a perfect fit online? (16:48)
The role to be played by insurance companies and sporting associations. (25.34)

And so much more!

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