Create your ultimate brain.

Dr Justin James Kennedy’s personal and professional story is extraordinary. Having been in a coma, recovering and then diving into the neuroscience of what made that possible shaped the trajectory of his illustrious career. Justin is a TEDx Speaker, a Behavioural Neuroscience Professor advising across several universities including Monarch Business School, Switzerland, Middlesex University in London and University of Pretoria. Justin is also an Academic & Executive Coach, an Organizational Neuroscience Expert, Certified by Harvard University in Neuroscience, Ph.D. Supervisor, Researcher & Author and is at the forefront of establishing a professional body of Neuroplasticians. And most importantly, he is a delightful human being!

In this podcast I reveal
• How Justin went from a carefree 20-year-old student to having a brain injury
and had to relearn how to walk and talk through the power of neuroscience. 3.05
• The emotional journey and mindset it took to relearn everything. 8:05
• Why language is so powerful and how it affects and shapes your brain. 10:39
• What role does sleep, diet and exercise have in developing your best brain. 14:52
• How feelings affect our experiences and our brain 19:00
• What is the NeuroPlasticity Hub? And why is it important? 25:13
• Do you have a concrete brain or a concrete business? 28:05
• How machine learning helps us rethink our thinking 32:28

And so much more!

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