Personal transformation? Think Elvis.

This week, I dive into one of my favorite topics – how total immersion into a desired outcome can achieve dramatic results. Sadly, the make-believe world that was so easy to slip into as a child, is a skill that isn’t so effortless as we grow older. In this episode I reference the recent film ‘Elvis’ and how the actor who portrayed him, immersed himself into the role with surprising results to the actor himself.
In this episode I reveal:

• 1.01 How the intense connection the actor Austin Butler had with portraying Elvis teaches us about the connection between the mind and dramatic physical change.
• 3.38 The links between our imagination, the world of make- believe, and high performance.
• 4.40 A fascinating scientific study where adults playing make believe instantly improved their eyesight.
• The role between feelings and focus:

And so much more!