Interview with Taylor Victoria – Scaling a startup and how to best use a VA in your business.

Want to know the best strategy to engage an effective VA partner for your business?

Taylor Victoria started on her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22, and since then she has started multiple companies. She now runs Level Up Outsourcing, a VA agency with over 90 staff focusing on pairing international business owners with VAs in the Philippines.

Taylor is also a passionate speaker, having spoken at and been MC at events in multiple countries around the world. Taylor has a mission to help business owners release themselves from mundane tasks that can be outsourced and find more time for themselves and to focus strategically on their business. Taylor loves to share the secrets of how she went from broke to multiple six figures in 2 years and brings fun and positive energy to any platform she is invited to speak on!

In this episode we discuss:

• What first inspired Taylor to become an entrepreneur. (2:00)
• The key principles that worked for Taylor in developing traction and getting clients. (4:57)
• How the idea of starting a VA agency arose from solving a friend’s lifestyle challenge. (7:08)
• Taylor’s key strategies for lead generation and sales when growing her business. (14:16)
• What role does AI play in connecting with a VA strategy? (16:49)
• Why having defined workflows is key before engaging a VA. (22:02)
• How to connect with Taylor! (27:09)

And so much more.

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