Stuck? Need to reframe your life story?

In this week’s episode of the Feeling Forwards Podcast, I delve into a question I get asked constantly by my high performance coaching clients.

‘Do I need to reset? I’m working hard but it’s just not working!’

But is a drastic change in lifestyle and life direction really what you need? This week I delve into the power of a reframe, how your life story might be holding you back and how to become the person who has the life you want!

In this episode I share;
• The crucial difference between a reset and a reframe. (1:10)
• The three key elements that create your life story that could be holding you back. (3:07)
• The powerful reframing real life story from the book ‘Loyalty to the Soul’. (5:04)
• How you can successfully reframe your life story to get unstuck! (6:13)

And so much more.