Part 1 – Interview with Dr. Andrea Wilkinson.

I previously had the privilege of being interviewed on Andrea’s fabulous podcast, the BrainShape Podcast and was in awe of her ground breaking work in understanding and revealing how to achieve optimum brain health. A leading psychologist in this field, Andrea and I had such a broad ranging discussion about the interconnection between the brain, metabolism, growing new brain cells,managing emotions and stress, I had to share the whole interview in 2 parts. Andrea has a unique approach and shares so much wisdom about how to achieve brain health, happiness and a beautiful life,

In this insightful interview Andrea reveals:

  • What brain health really covers and how brain health affects our mental health as well;
  • Why muscle strength is so critical for our brain;
  • How your blood sugar levels can affect your brain health into your later years;
  • Why your metabolism is way more important than just helping your control you weight;
  • And so much more!