Part 2 – Interview with Dr. Andrea Wilkinson.

In Part 2 of this interview with leading psychologist Andrea Wilkinson Ph.D, we continued our journey into brain health – why it is so important and what you can do every day to strengthen your brain throughout your life and into the later years. We picked up the interview when I was intrigued by Andrea’s explanation of how the language we use affects our emotions, affects our brain and then has a direct impact on our overall health. I know you will enjoy Part 2!

As we dive deeper into brain health, Andrea reveals:

  • How our emotions and particularly stress play a huge part in brain health which is directly impacted by our language
  • The way we frame our response to everyday events and how this can reframe our brain
  • The power of gratitude as it affects our brain but how this gratitude has to be active!
  • Introducing you to the Reticular Activating System which literally determines what you do and don’t notice
  • How you can reframe childhood negative beliefs to positively impact your brain
  • What is that decides when affirmations do and don’t work;
  • Creating a brain friendly, magical morning routine;
  • And so much more!