Secrets to grow & scale your business

Dustin Bogle has a unique story. His family immigrated from Egypt in the 60s to chase the American Dream. As a young adult, he got into Professional Wrestling where he also learned how to sell tickets and organize a live event.
From there, Dustin went on to open 6 gyms in 6 years in Southern California – the most competitive market in the industry.
That’s where he was forced to really grow as a leader and entrepreneur because it was extremely difficult and packed with learning lessons.

But it’s also where he learned how to grow and scale a business the right way. Today, Dustin helps Gym Owners to delegate their sales and admin work to his team so they can free up their time. Dustin Bogle is a sales expert that helps businesses to harvest more sales from their leads using his “Fortune Follow Up” system.
In this episode, Dustin and I share:
Meet Dustin Bogle, the first former pro wrestler to appear on the Feeling Forwards Podcast! (2:55)
The importance of developing a persona for business as well as sport. (5:33)
What made Dustin get so driven to scale your gym business? (11:28)
Why people don’t care about results, they care about the stories that will inspire them. (14:56)
What is Dustin’s winning lead conversion strategy? (20:08)
The 3 buckets in Dustin’s Fortune FIve System. (22:51)
What does Dustin think of the idea that you get AI to do it all? (29:22)
The invisible sign that everyone has flashing above their heads. (32:37)
The most powerful question Dustin learned from Steven Spielberg. I (37:47)
And so much more!
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His book “Reinforce your Gym’