Want to stretch your brain?

What happens when you get five neuroscientists in a room talking about lying and how it affects your brain?
So many issues arise!
This week I had the privilege of leading a a round table discussion as part of the globally recognised Neuroplasticians Hub.
Joined by leading neuroscientists, Professor Justin Kennedy, Dr Judi Newman, David Bovis and Faye Cormick, we dived into all the issues including:

Why lying on a grand scale isn’t new. (2:37)
Is lying nature vs nurture depending on what you were allowed to get away with as a child. (7:09)
Why does someone lie? Where does it come from? (12:10)
What if you tell an inspirational story that’s not based on truth to enhance high performance? Is that a lie? (16:40)
What’s the purpose of lying? (21:33)
Does lying strengthen the neural networks of the brain? (24:14)
The world of white lies and the science of a white lie. (28:28)
Lying comes back to bite you, so be tactful. (34:19)
When does a lie become a dirty lie? (39:45)
And so much more!
Learn more about:

The Institute of Organisation Neuroscience – www.ionforum.org
The Neuroplasticians Hub – www.npnhub.com
Prof. Justin Kennedy – www.professorkennedy.com
Dr Judi Newman – www.drjudinewman.com
Faye Cormick – www.fayecormick.com.au
David Bovis – www.duxinaroe.com