The #1 Secret of Success Self Talk

This week I am diving into emerging neuroscience research around mindset and how the exact language in affirmations and how you talk to yourself, will propel you to success or keep you stuck.

In this episode I share:

• The power of self-talk and its impact on your brain development. (0:01)
• The impact of praise on children’s mindset when facing challenge. (1:33)
• The effectiveness of nouns compared with verbs in self-talk and affirmations based on extensive neuroscience research. (5:05)
• The transformational impact of using effort-based self-talk for success. (6:52)
• My personal self-talk makeover project, finds it difficult to adopt effort-based statements.
• The self-talk structure that legendary Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings uses and what role effort takes. (9:38)
• The power of using effort based self-talk to overcome challenges. (9:53)

And so much more!

Material referred to in the episode includes:
Praise for intelligence can undermine children’s motivation and performance:…
Why do beliefs about intelligence influence learning success? A social cognitive neuroscience model:… Other Resources Dr. Carol Dweck:… Dr. Alia Crum: