The ‘outlast’ process to Olympic success.

I’m so excited to welcome Kerri Walsh Jennings to launch Season 6 of the Feeling Forwards Podcast!
Kerri and I met on an episode of the David Meltzer TV show called ‘Office Hours’ and I had the privilege of interviewing Kerri about showing up and following through.

As the most successful beach volleyball champion of all time, Kerri exemplifies performing at an elite level having competed at five Olympics representing the USA with three gold and one bronze medals. But beyond her life competing and beach volleyball Kerri is a passionate advocate of the P 1440 movement founded with her husband Casey which encourages everyone to live the 1,440 minutes we have each day, with clear purpose.

Their P 1440 movement provides resources for aspiring athletes, coaches, clubs, fans, a digital platform, and a community for all those seeking to live a life full of intention and inspiration within the game of life.

In this insightful and inspiring interview, we discussed:

• [0.58] How competing with joy was part of Kerri’s extended family culture.
• [05.33] The power of positive – through failure and funk to achieve outlasting everyone else.
• [8.11] The exciting news Kerri reveals regarding the 2024 Paris Olympics.
• [13.16] The early disappointment in Kerri’s volleyball career that drove her forward.
• [16.56] The P1440 movement Kerri and her husband are building with the beach volleyball community revealing how to live with purpose – every minute.
• [24.45] The connection between the pain of losing and the process to reach success.

And SO much more!

You can learn more about and connect with Kerri at:
Instagram: @kerrileewalsh
Facebook: Kerri Walsh Jennings