The untapped power of cognitive diversity.

Faye Cormick has a background in senior corporate roles in communication and leadership in the mining, resources and banking and finance sectors.
In 2009 Faye started consulting, became accredited as an executive coach, then trained in neuroscience based coaching. Since 2016, Faye has I
have focused on neuro coaching and applied neuroscience for the workplace. Faye’s passion is cognitive neuroscience, and it’s influence on wellbeing, growth and performance. Faye has a particular interest in cognitive diversity and creative intelligence, and how the central nervous system drives performance. She is currently pursuing candidacy for a PhD in cognitive diversity.

In this episode, we share;
• What drew Faye to specialise in cognitive diversity? (1:46)
• The limits and boundaries on diagnosing the type and extent of neurodiversity. (4:10)
• How our brains are malleable and like plastic, leading us to discuss neuroplasticity. (6:03)
• How many adults are now being diagnosed with different brain profiles? (8:14)
• How coaches can learn to look at communication from a neurodiverse perspective. (10:52)
• Coaching leaders who are cognitive diverse. (13:32)
• The intersection of trauma and cognitive and neuroplasticity. (16:13)
• Where do you start as a leader with a cognitively diverse team? (18:42)
• Advice for parents, carers, colleagues and educators on the untapped power of cognitive diversity.. (21:15)
And so much more!

You can reach and learn more about Faye Cormick at